Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I worked in the yard all day today.  Off and on so I wouldn't get too tired.  Didn't work, I'm done for.  However, our yard is coming together.
I started out at the local nursery and picked out some plants that are "deer resistant".  We shall see.  I sprayed all the weeds in one bed with Roundup and tomorrow I'll pull those out and find more plants to put in that bed.
So then I came home and replanted my pretty watering can planter so it looks like it did last year.  Then I swept the patio.  Big deal, right?  You bet it took me forever and I have the aching back to prove it.
Then I went out and planted more soap. That's right I said soap.  Our son's girlfriend told me that her grandma who has a spectacular garden uses Irish Spring soap to keep the deer away from her plants.  So I planted soap on a skewer!
I tried to pull up a dead tree but forget that, it is in cement, better known as our backyard clay. I have the replacement but DH will have to give me a hand.
I watered our new grass again, twice today.  I dug up weeds.  I feel so tired but oh so good!

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