Friday, May 17, 2013

Gardening Tips

Today we will learn about the garden.
No. 1--DO NOT go work out, drink 20 ozs. of water, come home and start to weed, walk out of the garage and lock yourself out of the house. Trust me.
No. 2-- Weeds always win the battle.  So just resign yourself to the daily chore of checking for weeds and pulling them or embrace the weeds.  Just make sure they're all gone if you are having snooty guests over.  Again, trust me.
No. 3-- Do not be intimidated by Bambi.  That's right, just stare the critter down until it runs for the hills.  Isn't running?  Well, don't back down.  It'll get bored soon enough.  It's probably just watching you in appreciation for preparing its dinner.
No.4--If you pick up a bag of rocks don't hold it too close to the body.  They are dirty and semi wet so your clothes are instantly ruined.  No. 4A-  Don't do it with mulch either.  Talk about making more work for yourself.
No. 5--There's nothing wrong with fake flowers.  I've had the same container of silk flowers on my deck for three years.  Every year, even the deer are faked out and try to eat them.  So they sometimes need to be replaced but it's a lot easier than weeding.  Trust me.

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