Monday, May 6, 2013

The Great Outdoors

I love the outdoors.  I think hiking and camping and ziplining and all that stuff sounds wonderful.  Unfortunately, I can be outside for about 15 minutes before I start feeling awful.
Mostly, I get a snuffy nose and sometimes I even get watery eyes and itchy skin.  What did you say?  You think I have allergies?  Well, I'd say you're right.  However, the allergist I went to said I had no allergies. So there.
I can sit in a grassy field on a chair and I'm fine.  But get me by other plants and forget it.  I can sit on your patio or deck for long periods of time but I have to stay away from your flower beds.
I work out in my own yard very seldom.  I was out there today.  I made it for twenty minutes because part of the time I was watering some new grass seed.  I picked out dandelions and other weeds that invaded my beds and suddenly I came across a dead mouse.
I did not scream like a girl even though I am one and I wanted to.  I just came in the house and sent DH an email telling him he should get it out of there when he gets home.  So far he hasn't answered me.   Can't say I blame him.
When the dead mouse is gone I'll go back out there and work another fifteen minutes each day until my yard looks the way I want it. 
I wish I could have a beautiful yard with tons of flowers and shrubs and trees but I won't because I can't....unless I hire a full time gardener.  Now, there's an idea!

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