Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Here's a vacation story for you.
I went out of town with my family for Memorial Day as you may have read previously.  Well, before we left, I discovered I had a shoulder injury known as bursitis, which means inflamed tendons in the shoulder. Why they made up a name for it is beyond me but I guess it is shorter.  It is a repetitive motion injury so that's what I get for pulling all those weeds!
It is easily controlled by Naproxin Sodium and ice.  No worries, a hotel has ice and I packed some gallon Hefty bags.  I iced three times a day.  In the morning before we left, before we went to dinner and before bed.
Things were going along swimmingly until Monday morning.  DH was hogging the bathroom(oh, yes you were) and I really had to go.  Something about a bag of ice cubes on your bare skin seems to stimulate the necessity.  When I finally got in there, I just kept the bag of ice on my shoulder because, after all, I was going to be sitting.  Well, I finished my business and decided to dump the ice while I was in there so as I was getting up, I pulled out the bag which proceeded to open and spill the entire contents down my bare chest onto the bathroom floor.  I think I screamed a little.  DH came on the run and there I was sitting on the potty, surrounded by ice cubes...and shivering me timbers.
Well, in no time at all DH and a couple of towels had it all cleaned up and we had a good laugh.  And me, I have graduated to a bag of frozen peas, which doesn't have a ziploc.  Thank goodness! 

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