Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Good Looking Blondes

Yesterday, Sis and I went up to the mall to do a little shopping and talking.  Mostly talking.  We were looking at a pile of tee shirts when a male voice says, Now there's two good looking blondes.  I assumed it was somebody we knew so I glanced up and lo! and behold! it wasn't.
It was an ancient biker dude in full biker duds.  He had a bandanna tied over his white hair and a stringy white beard.  A leather vest and jeans, a ratty tee shirt and biker boots.  That's all I saw but it was enough!
Sis and I looked at each other in shock and bit our tongues to keep from laughing...until he was out of sight that is.  We laughed until our sides hurt.  I said just when we thought we couldn't attract any men!  Still laughing, Sis texted our whole family so they could have a good laugh too.
Now no offense to this guy, after all he thinks we're good looking but REALLY?  He had to make a comment about us?  He couldn't have walked by and silently admired us?  I wonder what he thought we would do?  I'm pretty sure laughing hysterically wasn't the reaction he was going for.
You can see from the picture above that the dude was not wrong.  We are two good looking blondes.  We are a family of good looking blondes.  I think you can figure out for yourselves which ones are us up there.
Well, in a way, he made my day.  I haven't laughed that hard in a very very long time.

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