Thursday, May 1, 2008

Double EE's

Elizabeth Hasselbach is the youngest member of The View. She is a staunch Republican and has very conservative opinions. That's fine. Yesterday she went one on one with Whoopi(who is also on the show now) about Rev. Wright, my favorite new celebrity.
Whoopi said that she thinks too much emphasis is being put on the Reverend and that the mistakes or shortcomings or Hillary and McCain have been aired and dismissed while this Rev. Wright issue just won't go away. She thought that was not fair to Obama.
Elizabeth was very huffy and interrupted her several times as she was explaining her (pardon the pun) view and was hollering from the get go. She slammed Obama and said he "snuck" Wright into a basement before some public appearance to pray before he went on stage. She railed about how Obama should have quit the church years ago and severed all ties to the Reverend then. She said his denouncement of the Reverend now is too late. It was all political.
Whoopi said that McCain had spoken at Jerry Falwell's University after calling Falwell and extremist and (three guesses) his speech was all about continuing the war.(Told you) Elizabeth said (my favorite excuse of all time) "That's different." No explanation of how it is different. Different just because he is her candidate.
How such a young girl got so opinionated and severely narrow is beyond me.
Erica Kane has a political agenda also. You might not watch the soaps but I bet you heard of Eric a. She has been the reigning diva of ALL MY CHILDREN since the seventies. She is in prison now for insider trading. She is trying to improve the conditions of the women's prison and the warden doesn't like that so she threw her in solitary "for her own protection."
I imagine being in solitary is horrible. Not knowing if it is day or night, not seeing anyone, trying to stay engaged would be very difficult. Oh poor Erica, she is having a terrible time. First, she pretended to have her talk show. That lasted about two minutes. She found a ladybug and played with it. Even gave it a name but the ungrateful wretch flew away. Then she laid down and tried to imagine herself on a beach. That lasted about thirty seconds as did her fantasy about the man she loves. Then she tried to sleep and dreamed about her dead mother calling her from beyond. Then she had a bad dream about her evil father and a birthday cake(??)
She is a tortured soul and I don't know how much longer she can hold on. Poor dear she must have been in there forever! Wait, her prison friend called her lawyer and not a minute too soon. She's been in solitary for .....ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day??? Oh my gosh, the poor woman will go mad. Whatever will we do?? Don't worry she has her political ties too. In walks politician and wannabe Senator Samuel Woods aka Mario Von Peebles who scoops her up and takes her outta there! Is it a dream? Is it a fantasy? Oh please, you innocent readers, this is Pine Valley. Senators walk into solitary confinement and carry out beautiful inmates all the time. So Erica is out of solitary and watch out, Warden! You're in big trouble now!

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