Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Club

You'd have to have a good laugh about our book club.  We are all pretty old women.  I am in the middle at 63 and our youngest is probably fifty-something.
We get pretty rambunctious though.  Our discussions can get lively and interesting.  You should have heard us talking about Abe and Mary Lincoln's sex life!  We have hardly ever all liked the book we read so that makes for good debate. 
I am the fearless leader and I think I hog the conversation a lot of the time and I really hate that.  I just can't help myself though.
The worst book we read was by a book club member's family member.  OMG!  The subject was disgusting and it was so boring and long winded, I couldn't stand it.  I had to force myself to finish it.  But the worst part of all was when we met to discuss it at the same member's house.  You couldn't exactly say this was the most disgusting book I ever read in my life.  You couldn't say to the woman what ever you do don't get locked in the same room with this author for any length of time because there's no telling what she might do to you.
So, you can imagine that I was a little nervous when they all agreed to read my sister's book , Waiting for Dusk.  I thought if they didn't like it they would never admit it.  I knew my sister wanted honest feedback.
Luckily, all was well.  The book club loved the book.  I know they weren't faking because I've known most of them for 40 years or so.  They can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.
I was so happy for my sister and frankly, for me.  I wouldn't want to have been the member who everyone lied to about their family member's book.
Sis came and did a lovely presentation about the time period of her book and talked about the writing process and everyone was engrossed.  Sometimes we break off on a tangent and start talking about our former students, etc.  That didn't happen when Sis came to speak with us.
If you have an author in the family, you should be proud.  It is difficult as h-e-double hockeysticks to get published in any form.  I am so proud of my sister I could burst wide open.
However, read the book before you have your book club read it whatever you do!


Nancy Pennick said...

Thanks for the shout out!

SUE said...

I just speak the truth :)