Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Vincent Van Gogh was a master painter.  Many of his paintings are iconic and instantly recognizable.  Everyone thinks he was a mad genius.  Well, he did cut off his ear for unrequited love so you can see how he got that reputation.
Other than that, the general public doesn't know much about Vincent.
I learned today that a study done in Holland showed that Vincent wasn't quite as mad as we may have thought.  Apparently he was meticulous in his work.  He even used lines to help him get the perspective right which they can detect with some machine now.
Also, he might not have used the actual colors we see because the red paint from that era lost it's pigment leaving blue behind when it was originally purple.  Luckily, he did use blue paint for Starry Night so no worries there.
I learned some about Vincent years ago when I saw Leonard Nimoy in a one man play about his brother, Theo, the not mad one.  He was solid as a rock and loved his brother like crazy and took as good of care of him as Vincent would let him.
Artists then were literally starving and would sacrifice food even from their own children to buy paint.  So apparently, Vincent wasn't the only mad one.  Just the most obvious about it.  Monet's family almost starved and lived on the graciousness of others many times.  But Vincent had Theo.
I learned a little about Vincent from Dr. Who too.  That was the Vincent I liked best.  Passionate and a little raving but so sweet.  That's who I think of when I think of Vincent.  I think he deserves it.  After all, he did give us Starry Night.


Megan Gesing said...

I agree, mama. That's the Vincent I like to think of. Any who can create such beauty has my admiration- loony or not.

SUE said...

Amen, sister!