Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Favorite Book

When I still taught kindergarten, I would read a book to my class every day.  Every day I would tell them the title and I would say, "This is my favorite book!"  They always said after about 20 titles or so, "You say that every day!"
They were right but so was I.  On that day, it was my favorite book.  Who could choose just one in all the great children's stories there are?  I loved Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Millions of Cats, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and hundreds of others equally.
As an adult I've read thousands of books.  I like series but only if they keep the story going at the same level.  I hate series where the first book is great, the second is good and by the third you are ready to scream because it is so trite or boring or juvenile.  It happens more often than you would think.
I love a good love story too.  If you read too many of those then you just get sick of them too.  You know the very successful female gets cheated, returns home to lick her wounds, and TA DA!  there is her old sweetheart or lover that she "hates" and by the end of the book they get married or are going to.
Fantasy books have caught my interest lately.  I read The Night Circus and loved it even though I barely understood parts of it.  I read the Eragon series.  I read Game of Thrones.  Funny thing about Game of Thrones, if I had seen it in the library I probably wouldn't have read it because it is about a million pages long but I downloaded it to my Kindle so I was blissfully ignorant and away I went and I'm glad I did.

Our book club read Little Women, a book I would have said I loved at one time.  First of all, it came in two parts.  Say what???  It was didactic and boring.  Apparently there is a children's version (in one part) and that is what I read all those many years ago. Great editing, whoever did the job.
I could go on and on about books but I think you get the idea.  Pick up a book.  Who knows it might be your favorite.

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Megan Gesing said...

Little Women? Boring? My identity is crumbling. ;)