Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dday 28 The Place I'd Like to Live

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?  I know that's not the old song but it's where I would love to live.  It is beautiful and serene there.  I love the temperate climate and the Native American influence.  It is a place that feels peaceful and awe-inspiring.
I have visited Santa Fe on several occasions and have loved it more every time.
I would love to have a little adobe house and maybe even a horse.  I would  be able to walk to downtown and roam the streets and check out the shops.  People would recognize me and say,"Hi, Sue!"
I would wear turquoise jewelry and let my hair be curly and wild.  I would wear full skirts and cotton tee shirts and sandals.  I would be tan and healthy.
Maybe the real Santa Fe would never be like that.  Maybe I'd be lonely and would have to live to far from town to walk there but I can dream and boy, do I!
I can even imagine my sister and her husband meeting us for breakfast in one of the restaurants because they would live there too.  I can see my kids coming out for visits and drinking iced tea or cold beer on the patio I know we'll have.
I can see my husband, all tan and in jeans with a western shirt and cowboy boots and once in a while, he'd even wear his cowboy hat!  You know, just to fit in.
I would pursue some kind of art.  Maybe sculpture or perhaps painting.  I'm no Georgia O'Keefe but I'd love to give it a go.
Trust me, there is nothing wrong with Northeast Ohio that a little more sun couldn't fix but Santa Fe has over 300 sunny days in a year.  No vitamin D shortage around there!
It will never happen but a girl, even one as old as I am, has to have a dream.

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