Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 22 My Academics

I'm pretty sure that you could care less about my academics.  At this point in my life, me too!
But I am willing to tell you what I have learned in sixty three years.
Being nice does not always work out.  I have always tried to be nice and have been kicked in the teeth for it more than once.  I am not going to stop being nice though.  It makes me feel better about me.  You would feel better about you too if you are nice.  Just don't be so nice you are a doormat or a punching bag.  That isn't nice.
Try to look on the sunny side of life.  This is not always when someone you love is ill or in jeopardy.  It's hard to look on the sunny side of life when things aren't exactly going your way.  That's when it's the most important.
Respect children.  Don't treat them like idiots or babies or pander to their every demand.  Treat them as you wish to be treated(now where have I heard that before?).  Try to stay clam and deal with things in an adult manner.  No screaming or hitting allowed.  First, if you scream, they just tune you out.  If you hit, then you are just not a respectable adult.
Have faith.  You pick.  It could be God or your fellow man or science.
Love your family  with all your might.  They are all you have whether there is one of them or fifty.  Sometimes they make it pretty hard but don't give up on anyone in your family.  Just keep loving them. That doesn't mean you have to like everything they do or say.  You may not like the way they treat you.  Love them anyway.  It's kinda like separating church and state.
Take goo care of your body.  Don't let your body suffer from neglect or overindulgence.  Believe me, I weight 200 pounds at one point and I was the queen of self indulgence.  Exercise is good when you get used to doing it and totally worth it.  Keep your mind engaged too.  Try to keep learning and finding out about new things.
Love yourself.  You are the best you in the universe!  Embrace what you are. Stop berating yourself for your looks or your weight or your social standing or your wealth.  Take a look in the mirror and give yourself a big old smile.  If you don't love you, who will?
You can't change others.  You can't make them love you or be nice to you or stop putting their socks under the bed.  It's just a fact.
Look forward to the future.  We never know what it may bring but I say bring it on1
None of these are very insightful or big news but they are true.  I know because I learned them myself...the hard living it.

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