Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mes Amis ( My Friends)

Welcome to Mon Ami, mes amis!  We had a wonderful day at the winery in Port Clinton, Ohio.  It is a venerable old place.  It's been there since the 1870's.  It has not one basement but three.  When I was a young girl, I thought it was the most posh place on this Earth and believe me, I was not far from wrong.
We had a fun tasting with a friendly bar keep. She was talkative and knowledgeable.
We fell in love with the Walleye White but then we had their Spumante and we were hooked.  Not too sweet as some are.  Just right for our palettes.
We were with our good friends, my WP and her husband and my DH's childhood friend and his wife.  Everybody liked a different wine but that's ok.  When we all found our favorite, it was off to the dining room for lunch.
Well, the food was excellent.  I had the crab cakes and fried spinach.  The crab cakes were delish and the fried spinach was melt in you mouth after the initial crunch.  Very interesting(and loaded with potassium!!)
Everyone loved their lunch and then it was time to say goodbye to the childhood friend and his wife and head to Avon Lake where we met WP's daughters and brother with his girlfriend.  The first winery was Klingshirn.  It was a rustic little place and very crowded even just by us and a couple others.
The wine was ok but not for me. I was too spoiled by my Spumante.
So we packed in the cars and headed to John Christ winery just down the road.  Now this place was really enchanting starting with the young owner who reminded me of Dr. Patrick Drake from General Hospital.  He was sweet and helpful and cute.  We found a Riesling we liked, got a couple of cheese trays and went out on their screened in porch.  Did I mention how cute the owner was?  Well, he was.
The very cute owner thought we were from a bus at first and told us no buses.  WP's husband asked him if a mini van was OK and the very cute owner laughed and said of course.  We were really in three cars but you know what he meant.  The eight of us had a fun talk and then we all headed to dinner.
It's a nice thing, having friends.  Sometimes they are your age, sometimes much younger and sometimes they are new.  It's important to have them...even if you only have a few.  Oh, yes and did I mention how cute the owner of the last winery was?

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