Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 21 What My Future Will Be

I'm currently in Michigan visiting my DD.  I hope my future holds many more visits and fun times with her.  I also want to spend as much time with the rest of my family as is humanly possible.
I hope I will grow old gracefully and not become too outspoken or rash in my decisions.  I don't think being older gives you the right to hurt people's feelings or telling them things they don't really want to hear especially about how they bring up their kids or relate to their spouse.
I want to still have adventures.  They don't have to be big fancy ones though.  I don't expect to travel the world or anything like that.  I still want to try new things and have fun.  I want to zipline and ride in a helicopter.
I want my brain to be a functioning entity.  Oh, it can be slower--that just comes with age.  I just hope it doesn't break down.  I want to be aware of my surroundings and the people around me and enjoy them.
Most of all, I want my future to be as long as is possible. I am shooting for 100 and I hope to make it there by hook or by crook.  Hence, my taking care of my body and my mind to the best of my ability.
Oh, and I hope there are flying cars and moving sidewalks and yummy stuff like cake that won't make me fat!!  And it better be delicious.  I hope my grandkids find me fun and funny.  I hope my kids still want to hang out with me...and if I am in a  nursing home (God forbid)I hope they will smuggle the booze in to me.

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