Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don't You Hate a Hangover?

OK, so did you ever feel like this fella here?  I know I have.     Don't you hate getting a hangover?  I sure do.  I don't have one right now and I haven't had one in quite some time but the fact that I have had more than one remains.
First, why didn't I learn from the first time?  You would think feeling like a half dead kangaroo would not be an experience one would want to repeat.  Yet time and time again, I've done it.  I bet a lot of you have too.  Not many people can claim to have had only one hangover in their lifetime.
I don't even remember the first hangover I had.  No surprise there.  Maybe it's like the pain of childbirth.  Once it's over you forget all about it and go for it again.
I remember trying to convince my mother that I wasn't hungover after puking my guts out ten minutes before she got to my house.  Peppermint schnapps did that to me and believe me, it has never passed my lips again!
Hangovers can be taken care of with a couple of aspirin or Tylenols sometimes but sometimes you need a big meal and sometimes you just don't want to hear about it...the big meal I mean.  You need lots of water to rehydrate.
I have a friend who recently had her first hangover.  She couldn't believe how lousy she felt. I could have told her never mix wine with cheesecake.  Trust me it is never a good idea.
Can you prevent a hangover?  Sure, don't drink.  Just kidding, try a tip that I read in a magazine(or possibly more than one).  Every other drink, have a glass of water instead of the alcoholic beverage of your choice.  Take a couple of pain relievers and a glass of water when you get home.  Don't go to Taco bell and whatever you do don't eat any cheesecake!!

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