Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stalked II

Oh, yes, I am dieting again.  Oh, sorry, I'm making a lifestyle change.  You know that's what they say now.  But who am I kidding?  I'm on a diet....again,
I really don't mind.  I love veggies and fruit for the most part--let's not get into brussel sprouts.  I can give up sweets pretty easily.  It isn't such a hardship really.
I only need to lose about 15 pounds.  That doesn't sound like much especially when you consider what people have to lose on the Biggest Loser but man, it is hard.
Those pounds just don't want to budge.
Also my jaw is getting tired.  I have chomped my way through so many carrots and celery sticks, that I have lost count.  I've also been eating a lot of bird seed.  Most people call it Quinuoa.  It looks like what you put into a bird feeder though.  It tastes fine but it makes me laugh every time I eat it.
Also, on this life style change(see I'm catching on) I eat like five times a day.  So it seems like I'm always cooking.  DH and I figured out why I am sick of cooking dinner--I have to make a "fancy" lunch every day instead of just slapping together a sandwich and by the time dinner time rolls around, I am completely uninspired.
Good thing pizza is on the lifestyle change.  No, really it is.  Not a whole one or anything like that.  Just a couple slices.  Mmmmm. I'm getting hungry.
I hope I will be able to write a blog entry somewhere down the road(like in 12 weeks) and write about how successful and thin I am.  Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep cutting up that celery!

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