Friday, April 12, 2013

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

A woman in Michigan woke up from a five year coma recently and the first thing she said was she wanted to go to a Bob Seeger concert.  Well, that's interesting.  She kept that pent up for five whole years.  Of course, she is going.  Who wouldn't grant the request of a person who woke up from a coma?
Won't she be surprised by all the changes there have been in just five years.  Just think of your smartphone.  The great quality pictures it takes.  Look at the changes in Facebook and Twitter.  She'll soon find out about Pinterest and Instagram.  Wait til she finds out the soaps have moved to the internet.  And Robin's "dead" and Luke and Laura are back on an adventure again. And Helena Cassadine is "dead".......oops, sorry, she might not give a darn about GH.  I just got carried away.
Think how her family members have changed.  If she has kids, five years is a LOOONG time.  Think of the difference between a two year old and a seven year old.  Or what about ten years old to fifteen years old.  Yikes!  Think of waking up to a couple of teenagers.  Or what about her husband, he'll look ancient to her I'll bet.  And wait til she sees herself in a mirror.  Well, at least, she won't be too fat.
She doesn't know about Game of Thrones or that Kim Kardashian is pregnant or that Kim Jong Il is dead and his equally crazy kid is in charge.  She doesn't know that President Obama is in his second term or that Republicans are trying to filibuster.
Oh, she'll probably catch up quickly due to all the information out there from the media and the Internet.  But first, she has a concert to attend.

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