Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

I just watched the first twelve minutes of a movie from 1937 about Emergency Room General Hospital!!  But the name of the hospital is not the subject of this post.
The young doctor who was an intern worked the emergency room and made twenty dollars a month plus room and board and, as the receptionist was happy to point out to him, free laundry.
Yes, twenty bucks.
Then his colleague who pulls out a bottle of booze from his medical bag and has a snort, asks this young doctor to go on the next emergency call because he was too tired(or possibly drunk).
This young doctor goes-yes, I said goes, to the site of the emergency, climbs this impossibly high ladder and opens the medical bag and oops! he took the one with the booze in it.  No worries, he had the patient drink it up and then he proceeded to amputate his arm.  His supervising doctor told him it was the best job he ever saw.  So precise.  Yes, really, he said precise.
The patient's wife was so grateful to this young doctor that she kissed his hands.  Oh, yes, I'm guessing that was before she was presented with the bill.
It got me thinking about the last time I went to the doctor.  It was for my annual physical and she gave me all of five minutes.  Imagine kissing her hands.  Not in this lifetime.
Just think of the money that doctors make now.  It is mind boggling and even struggling interns probably make more than twenty dollars a month but I'm not sure about the free laundry thing.
I guess I'm saying I'd like to see a doctor climb a ladder and cover an emergency for his colleague.  If I'm ever in that situation, I hope he brings the bag with the booze in it!

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