Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do You Have A Favorite Song?

Do you have a favorite song?  I don't.  I love too many of them and I could never pick one favorite.  I equally love modern songs, kids' songs, old songs and hymns.
C is for Cookie and Old Rugged Cross make for quite a combination, don't they?
However, my DH and I had no trouble choosing our favorite song.  It is You're So Vain by Carly Simon.
Did we choose it because we are vain?  Maybe we are a little vain but no more than anyone else.  Did we hear it on our first date?  Nope.  I don't know how it started really...well, yes I do but I'm not sure I can explain it well.  We were listening to it on the radio and we started singing together and then I said wouldn't it be funny if your sisters were the back up singers?  And then we started thinking about how they did those songs on the Cosby show and we just started laughing at the mental pictures of me, DH and his sisters dressed up in some kind of get up and lip synching to the song.
So now it is our song.  We always start laughing.  When it comes on the radio DH says, They're playing our song.  No kidding, he really does!
I hope you and your significant other have a special song too.  Ours came to us just a few years ago but it has given us so much pleasure that I recommend that you go out and get one ASAP.
Thanks, Carly for the fun.  We couldn't have done it without you.

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Megan Gesing said...

I love this story!! <3