Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 24 Words that Make Me Laugh

I can laugh at the most inappropriate things.  Did you ever see an old movie allied Cowboys?  It is a John Wayne movie where he is saddled((get it?) with a bunch of young boys and they have to do a round up or something.  Bruce Dern is the bad guy.  At the end, they tie Bruce Dern to the back of a horse and he gets dragged around. Well, it is hilarious to me so you see what I mean about being inappropriate.
However, some words make me laugh too.  The guy in the insurance commercial who says BON JOUR because he's a "French model" cracks me up every time.
My DS and DD have this thing going where one says you're a (fill in the blank with anything form fish to nuts but no swearing) and the other one says your mother's a(same word here).  It's when you don't know what to say when you are being teased. Trust me, it's always funny.
Here's an example:  I think you ate some pie.  You're some pie.  You're mother's some pie.  Ok, Ok, it's a terrible one but you probably get it now.
I guess it's funny because it's never mean. It's all in fun.
When one of my soap characters, John McBain, speaks in his whispery voice, nine times out of ten it makes me laugh.  He is supposed to be all angsty and a loner and holding himself back but I just think he went to the same school of acting that I like to call the Jack Bauer school.  You know, those heroes who talk real quiet- like so you know that even though they are menacing they are really the good guys. Actually all the soft talkers crack me up.  Keep listening to your television, a lot of them do it.  Oh, I know, kinda like Clint Eastwood when he finally talked.
I love to laugh and I find all kinds of opportunities to do so.  So maybe most of them are inappropriate, like in church, but I don't mean any disrespect.  I just have a peculiar funny bone.

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