Friday, April 26, 2013

What's Up Doc? II

Sorry, I just can't help myself.  You know that movie I told you about yesterday?  Well, I went back to it and couldn't believe what I was seeing.
The young doctor was flirting with his patient whose life he saved, of course. Precise work, remember?  She said she thought she could walk and she stumbled across the room and then stood there for a moment of dialogue and she sauntered back to her chair like she had never had a problem.
The young doctor told her to get back in bed and she refused(the little minx) and he swooped her up and put her in the hospital bed himself.  They proceeded to kiss--a lot.  Of course someone caught them and she pipes up with it's OK, we're engaged.  He looks stunned, the other person leaves and she says, OK?  And he says OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What man on Earth ever did that, I'd like to know?  Oh, old Hollywood how you led us on.
Anyway, they marry,  It's a disaster.  They fight.  She leaves in a huff after he tells her off but good and voila!  she's in a car wreck and has a disfigured face.  Three guesses.  She wants him to stay and, feeling ridden with guilt, he says OK.
Weeks later, she removes the bandages and she doesn't even have a scar.  Just the day before she wouldn't let her husband look at it and she insisted the drapes be drawn since she woke up in the hospital.  But, she's fine.
Just one thing after another for that couple! He tells her that she's back to normal so he is going back to the hospital and the girl he really loves and she says OK.
Do you wonder why I grew up with a warped sense of romance?  Each one of these scenarios is laughable in itself but the hits just kept on coming, one after the other until the end when he reunites with his true love(who happened to be Tarzan's wife) and guess what, he doesn't even kiss her!!  OK!
P.S.  Just want to say these movies were old in my youth too.  Just in case you were wondering.

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