Monday, April 22, 2013

Trek Star

I haven't been on an outdoor hike in quite some time.  We used to go regularly on the weekends but with winter and all it's been a while.  DH loves to go and asked me to go on Saturday but it was too cold but on Sunday, the temperature was warmer and the sun was shining so I said sure.
The hiking trail we follow is about 1.5 miles and takes us around a half an hour.  Usually when I am done, I feel exhilarated. Yesterday, I felt like I climbed this:

Our path starts out on a pretty steep incline and my poor old legs were not happy to make its acquaintance again.  Plus my asthma(not a bad case, very mild) decided to rear its ugly head so I was kind of gasping for breath by the time we got to the top as my legs screamed "What in the H are you doing to us?" 
Once things leveled out a bit I could go on with few problems except when I slipped on a mossy rock and when I missed the next rock completely and almost fell and when I tripped on a tree limb and when I got slapped with a branch.  Otherwise, I was perfect.  A hiking princess.
OK, not exactly a hiking princess but at least I made it without doing myself harm. That's something, right?

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