Monday, May 26, 2008

All the Knowledge of the Universe Part II

Remember when I wrote about the guy in the Batman cartoon that wanted all the knowledge in the Universe for his reward?? Well, we just went to see Indiana Jones this weekend and Cate Blanchett(in a black wig, severely cut in a bob looking very evilish--kinda like Natasha from Bullwinkle with a haircut) was the bad guy and guess what she wanted??? You guessed it, all the knowledge in the Universe. She was "ready." She wanted it she got it and guess what? First her eyes exploded and the rest of her followed shortly after. Not before she went "Ok, that's more please." I know this is a "spoiler" but not really. What else would you expect? Nobody just walks away from all the knowledge in the Universe except those alien beings that are so far advanced that they come and mess with us every now and then.
What did I tell you? Ignorance is bliss. I've said it for years and I am so right. Poor Cate. Poor bad guys. Lucky us!

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Brian said...

Yeah, it's a spoiler. No "not really" about it.