Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Still Got Nothin'

I was a little bit right about yesterday. Nothing that thrilling ever happened. We did go swimming and a funny thing happened there. Two couples stopped us outside the Y and asked us to take their picture. It had to be of them doing the YMCA moves and the sign on the building had to be in it too. We helped them out gladly and then Kevin had to sign a paper validating the whole process. They told us they were in a contest and then, here's the best part, the directions were all in Spanish. They said they stopped at a Mexican Restaurant and had the thing translated . It was pretty funny. We wondered if they went to that Jalapeno Loco that had the immigration problems. At least they had authentic Spanish speakers there and it is pretty close to the Y.
When we got home we watched the Preakness. We missed the parade of horses so we just decided to be for Big Brown. What a beautiful animal he is. When he came on the screen he just took my breath away. It made me even sadder about what I heard the day before. UPS and the owner of Big Brown made a deal and now the company is a paid backer of the horse. The jockey had a big logo on his leg and it really ruined the effect of his otherwise patriotic outfit. However, the race was a runaway and exciting and I can't wait for the next one in three weeks.
We finally caught up on the finale for ER. Things have been really dicey on the show for some weeks Luca left his wife, Bettina is really sick and Greg is falling in love with her and Sam and Uncle Jesse(I know it's not his name but he will always be Uncle Jesse to me) are romantically involved. So it seemed like everything was going to be resolved happily but I haven't watched soaps for all these years for nothing. I even knew who shot J.R. At the end, there was a giant explosion with a bunch of people in the vicinity and we won't find out who made it until the fall. Oh, crap! I hate when that happens. And that's all I got.

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Brian said...

At least no one's arm was sliced off by a helicopter rotor.

At least no one was crushed by a helicopter.

Who was it? Pratt or Sam? Which is more tragic (because that's SOP for E.R.)? :)