Monday, May 26, 2008


Tomorrow I have to go back to the dentist. Yes, I have to get one of those teeth capped. It has a temporary filling in it and sometimes it aches like the devil but I have been ignoring it. Nothing like a little dental pain to keep you on your toes.
Anyway, the girl called me last week to set up the appointment and oh by the way, this is the portion your insurance doesn't cover....WHAT????????????????????????? It's HOW MUCH???????????? Oh my gosh and what do I owe for the last visit which I affectionately refer to as the INQUISITION??? WHAT???????????????????? I have to pay for that test of endurance? I didn't say any of this to her(oh, that I had the nerve) but I was thinking it as I was saying, "Yes...Okay..."
I know what you are thinking. I am setting myself up and I am anticipating the misery before it's even here. I am not in the now...I am worrying about something I can't change... Well, tough, I hate going to the dentist and I have every good reason. My heart is pumping a little harder than it usually does and by ten o'clock tomorrow morning I will have worked myself up into heavy breathing and sweating under the pits and down the cleavage. So there!
It has to be over by noon, don't you think? If it goes longer than that I will be a basket case. I hope that Novocaine is not involved but it probably is so that means I will have a stomach ache and I won't be able to eat.
I will make a smoothie though so that is one plus. I love a good smoothie and I know I have bananas and raspberries and vanilla yogurt. Wait, is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel???

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