Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues

There is nothing like a soap opera wedding. There have been two in the last few days on my two soaps. On All My Children, Jesse and Angela got married after he was presumed dead for twenty years. Really, the actor left the soap then and so did the actress after a while but the show has very bad ratings so they are hauling out the old popular couples from the show. On The View, Jesse admitted to doing it for the money!! Now don't think he is a mercenary or anything, he just has good business sense. I always liked him. He is cool and a very good actor.
Anyway, he finally got his life back(as in SSN and driver's license) so they are getting married again. While she and her daughter were getting dressed for the wedding, they found little jewelry boxes about the size of a ring box in their things and they were gifts from Jesse. The daughter opened the note on hers and red a few lines of poetry he chose for her and opened her gift. Angie did the same and opened the little card and proceeded to read about 18 lines from a Walt Whitman poem, "I wander lonely as a cloud..." Jesse must have the world's teeniest writing, he should get a job writing names on a grain of rice!!!!!!!!
Anyway, Angie looked beautiful. Her dress outdid Jenna Bush by a country mile, she was glowing and he was touching. They said their vows, their were tear-jerking moments and a chuckle or two and it is a done deal. They even found a black minister in Pine Valley! That is a pretty amazing feat considering they and their children and one other kid and his father are the only people of color on the whole show. Must be a small church! Anyway they are married once more---but wait til tomorrow!!
On One Life to Live, Rex and Adriana got married. They are a young couple who have faced a lot of trials because of her mother and recently, his highschool sweetheart and her son moved to town.(Rex is unaware that the kid is his.)
Anyway the mother convinces the sweetheart to speak up and stop the wedding so the poor girl does and tell Rex she loves him.(Still leaves out the important thing--the paternity of her son) The bride turns politely, glides down the aisle,(in the loveliest dress) and slugs the poor girl right in the chops. Mayhem ensues which I won't bore you with but the bottom line is when the smoke clears, Adrianna and Rex tie the knot in spite of everything. So at the reception,(I love this part) the couples all dance with the newlyweds for their first dance and one of the couples is Marcy(the sweetheart's friend who is married to a doctor who couldn't get the day off as he appears to be the only doctor in Llanview) and Bo Buchanon's twelve or thirteen year old son!! It was a hoot and a half. I laughed my head off. Last week they made her be one of the dancing girls with Snoop Dogg and she didn't look too thrilled then--you should have seen her face during this dance!
Anyway, that is one reason I love the soaps. The weddings are always wonderful which is probably why they have so many of them!!
P.S> if you want to see the dresses here are the links I found for AMC (Angie) go to the left sidebar and go to photo gallery and you will find them for One LIfe go to www.

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