Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Diets Coming Out of Our Ears

Recently I was made aware of the "flat belly "diet. It is thirty two days long and you have to eat these MUFAs that include avocado, olives,oil and a couple of other things. 1600 calories a day except for the first four days when it is 1200 and you eat exactly what they say and drink this sassy water stuff. I would love a flat belly as I have never really had one in my whole life but this diet seems so contrived I'm not sure what happens when it is over. Does your belly balloon back up when you are done if you don't keep up with their program??
Then I read about Superfoods and you can lose 45 lbs by July 4 if you start today--that was yesterday so probably only 44 now. That was blueberries and walnuts and some other stuff. They gave you a one day menu in the magazine. SO what do you do eat that same stuff over and over?? Isn't there a day 2??? Or at least a guideline??
So I looked up Superfoods on line thinking I would get some more ideas. Trouble is not everyone is on board with the same superfoods. That is a bit of a problem. Plus one wants you to take fish oil tablets. I tried that once. I smelled like a dead fish the whole time and I was gassy to boot. YUK!!! Never again!!!
Another problem with these diets is that they will cost you a fortune. Have you seen the price of raspberries?? If you eat a pint of those a day--it could cost you up to five dollars a day--oh, excuse me 4.99. Plus you have to drive to the store! You can't really stock up too far ahead on some of these things because they have a short shelf life.
I think I am going to invent a diet called the Cheap Diet. It will have to include casseroles to stretch the super foods that I will choose and some deserts because really people who doesn't want desert at least once in a while????????? My super foods will have to have a long shelf life and not be the most expensive thing in the store. Let's see.......I'm thinking crackers, water....Oh no, that's the prison diet....
Well, I'll keep working on it and I'll let you know if I have any success. I will leave a one day menu on my blog and then you can buy my book!!! Only forty dollars, I mean. 39.99!

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