Friday, May 16, 2008


Some people in West Virginia think Barack Obama is a Muslim. Some are tired of Hussein. That's his middle name. I wonder if they know he is a different guy from Sadaam Hussein? I am starting to wonder. West Virginians aren't the only ones who think that either. Some people want him to prove he is not a Muslim. Well, are we going to ask John McCain and Hillary to prove that too?
John McCain said that Obama is naive. Well, I'm not so sure about that. He may be somewhat new to the political game in Washington but he seems to be a smart man who catches on fast. HE sure has learned that the campaign trail if tough and that not everyone is going to love him. He has fielded criticism and harsh accusations that most of us would have been crushed by. McCain thinks he is naive because he wants to talk to the governments that are in the Middle East and are not our allies. Those are terrorists according to McCain and others and are not to be trusted. So who said that Obama trusts them. You can at least try to have a dialogue with someone you don't trust--who knows what may happen? Since when is talking a sign of weakness?
John McCain felt at ease saying these things because our present leader of the free world(that would be George Bush) said some critical things at a speech in Israel. He didn't mention any names but he opened the door and McCain stepped right through.
McCain is old school. I keep telling you he is a war monger. Obama represents change. Possibly change in the world. That scares a lot of folks. It scares me a little too but in a good way. Maybe we can keep war to a minimum. Maybe the soldiers won't have to do three tours of duty. Maybe the USA can retrieve its standing in the world. Maybe the economy can improve if we focus on it instead of war. Maybe there could be more jobs generated. Some would say maybe is not good enough. I say maybe is better than the sure fire path we are on now.

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