Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Not to Wear

One of my guilty pleasures(and I do have many) is watching the show on TLC called What Not to Wear. On the show, the hosts, Stacey and Clinton, take someone who dresses poorly and changes their wardrobe and makes them look stunning(or as stunning as they can look).
I saw a girl the other day. She had hair down to her bum and wore absolutely not a touch of makeup and she was not very attractive. She was not interested in her appearance but she did nominate herself for the show(?) so I feel I can discuss her at length.
She had no idea how to shop so they helped her. They taught her what looked good on her body(she was 6 foot 1) and helped her find a wardrobe that suited her lifestyle as a nanny. She got a lot of nice things as they give you five thousand bucks!
Next came haircut and make up day. She REFUSED to get her hair cut. It was in no style and was a dishwater blond but she called it beautiful and REFUSED to let Nick the hairdresser touch it. So he didn't. (By the way, he only wanted to cut 6 inches to get rid of the damaged hair).
Then came the make up. I thought she would refuse that too but she actually let the girl apply makeup. And GUESS WHAT???? She looked BEAUTIFUL!! I mean really lovely. A girl that you would notice. So the makeup girl says "Will you keep this up?" And the girl REFUSES. Maybe lip gloss once in a while she says.
This girl is trying to look ugly! I swear the transformation was unbelievable. She chose to be plain. I couldn't believe that she made that choice. She is just a young woman. So what can you say?? She went home with new clothes but not a new attitude about herself.
You know who should go on that show?? Besides me, I mean? Hillary Clinton. That poor woman was on the television yesterday in flood pants. Really?? Hillary, you don't have a stylist?? Your daughter didn't say Mom, not those pants?? She also wore a jacket that was long and went over her hips about halfway to her knees. She should never wear a jacket that long. She has a pear shape body just like many women have. She looked terrible. Stacy and Clinton, where are you when your nation needs you??

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