Friday, May 30, 2008

I Got Nothin' Again

I can never get over how many people read my blog. I don't know if anyone has ever just come across it and read it but I am surprised how many of my invitees read it. And every day! My son is my biggest fan. He reads it every morning when he gets to work. He has some time then and he is "bored" but I know that's not why he reads it. He told me the real reason some time ago. I won't tell you what it is as it is personal but it made me cry. He is amazing.
I have another friend who is a daily reader and she thinks I'm funny. I LOVE THAT!!! I think I am funny too but it is really gratifying to know that someone else thinks so too. She often leaves me comments in my emailbox and I get such a kick out of it.
Another friend told me she read about John Mc Cain on my blog and felt her worst fears were confirmed. She believed what I said because I was a friend. Not that I would lie about John--I mean, please. He is so full of stories there is no need to embellish anything. By the way, he must read my blog too as I haven't seen Joe Leiberman at his side since my scathing report.(LOL)
Hillary is hanging in there. Did you see the t-shirts she has available now?? One of them has her "famous pantsuit" emblazoned on the front. Believe me, it doesn't look any better on the front of the t-shirt than it does on Hillary. Poor dear, I still say she needs a stylist. A friend I saw recently agreed with me. After a couple glasses of wine, I am pretty convincing. My friend thought she shouldn't be judged by her clothing and I agree but she WILL I suggest a shorter jacket and less bright colors. She should stick to pastels.
Oh, and Barack. I get more emails about that poor man being a Muslim. You know, he can't help it that his relatives live in Africa and some of them are Muslim sympathizers. Can you control your relatives?? Can anyone?? Remember Billy Carter and Billy Beer? What about the Clinton kid who wanted to be an actor--Roger, I think? What about Richard Nixon? Oh wait, he couldn't even control himself. Well, anyway, I don't think that Barack is a Muslim or a sympathizer either. I think he has a global concept that we would do well to adopt.
And, what did I tell you, Oprah is a little bit fat! She is going on some cleansing routine and giving up some food and stuff. The only one I remember is red wine. Glad she doesn't follow every trend that comes down the pike(wink, wink).
Well, for somebody who has nothin' I sure rambled on. But as I always tell Megan, that's all I got!

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