Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Throughts

I went to Yoga!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even make a fool out of myself either. It was really not so bad. And it was a real work out. I can see that it can make you stronger--just what I was hoping for. It was HOT in there though I will wear less clothes next week.
I also went to the next to last Enlightenment class. Even that was not so bad. I just fast forward through Oprah telling that poor guy what he means and concentrate on him. Even the people who asked questions made sense this week and didn't seem so smitten. I don't think I am any more enlightened but I enjoyed listening this week.
Oprah had Barbara Walters on yesterday. OHMYGOSH!! She is a piece of work. She has had quite a life(of course) and she makes no bones about it. She was very revealing and looked elegant in a white suit. She is SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY!!!!! She probably looks like a little picked chicken when she isn't wearing her designer clothes but so what(??) she has all her faculties and she has to be getting pretty old by now.
Then Oprah showed a glimpse of today's show. Cher and Tina Turner. OHMYGOSH---Tina Turner is just a little bit fat. If somebody who shakes her booty and is as active as she is can gain a little weight I think I am going to give myself a pass for gaining a few pounds. She even had a double she is 68 years old(can you believe it??) so I guess she is entitled.
Volunteering is easier said than done. I am looking for a volunteer position in Lake County. So far it has been a wild goose chase. For one thing, I talked to about seven people who kept transferring me to someone else. OHMYGOSH I could never work for that place they are so unorganized! Another place didn't answer the phone and the third place just didn't sound like my cup of tea. Too much like a real job if you know what I mean.
SO I continue my journey towards enlightenment, health and giving of myself to others.. Don't I sound like such an idealist?? Well, I guess I am!

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