Friday, May 9, 2008

One Life To Lizzle

Well, he was finally on. Snoop Dogg made his appearance on my soap opera yesterday. I think he will still be on today. He came on as himself and sang his song at one girl's bachelor party. I didn't know he was available for that kind of thing. We have two nephews graduating highschool and one turning 21--maybe I can get him for those...
Anyway, I never laughed so hard in my whole life. He wasn't trying to be funny but the little song he sang sounded like the tune to a cute little song I would have taught my kindergarteners. The only difference was the lyrics. I think he was saying sexual seduction or sensual seduction but I think it was the first one. There was a line about smoking a cigarette after and then going to sleep. Oh brother, it was a hoot.
It reminded me of the old Madonna songs and how they were all bouncy,cute tunes, and then you'd see the video and she spent the whole time feeling herself up. The song and the actions were so contradictory. It always drove me crazy because little kids would get sucked in by the bouncy tune and the cute lyrics. I know she sang some cutting edge things but mostly I heard the cute bouncy ones(being a kindergarten teacher and all)
OK, back to Snoop DOgg. He also had a giant rhinestone(oh wait, probably diamond) thing on his hand that said Snoop Dogg in case you didn't know who he was. I would have loved to seen some of the old, old ladies who watch their "stories" and how they reacted to him.
Anyway, thanks Dogg for the laugh riot of the decade. I heard you sing that you are "freaky" but I don't know. You were glowing like a school boy when you got to say Llanview.

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