Monday, May 19, 2008


The Cavs lost. That really makes me sad--not for me but for them. They are a really good team and I for one am sick of saying wait til next year. They did have an excellent series and it was exciting basketball so a big shout out to them(0f course they read this blog LOL) and hearty thanks for some great sports television.
Yesterday, I spent the day alone as my son and husband went to NASA for some open house. I had all kinds of plans so I really didn't mind. I wanted to return something to Kohls and do some window shopping. I had a book from the library and I was going to the YMCA to ride the stationary bike.
Instead, I was stuck at home as I left my keys in my husband's car and didn't realize it until after he was gone. So now I felt trapped at home and that is not good. I hate feeling trapped. I watched two movies! First I saw DREAMGIRLS. Finally! It was so excellent. That Jennifer Hudson was amazing and what a voice the kid has. She brought tears to my eyes. Then I watched Miss Potter with Renee Zelweiger(apologies if that is misspelled). It was a good movie too and I enjoyed it. Neither film was something my husband would want to watch anyway. I also watched and tried a little yoga but I didn't have a mat and it was kind of hard to follow along. The space is a little narrow too and I ended up with the tip of my nose about 1 cm. away from the entertainment unit. Not a comfy position for exercising so I gave that up. At least I moved a little.
The biggest problem was I had not much food as I had planned a grocery store run also. So I ate a little bit of peanuts and that was it. Also I had no dinner to prepare so that time loomed ahead.
I spend so much time on my own you would think I'd be used to it but yesterday really got to me and by the time my husband returned(with pizza) I was about in tears.
So today I am outta here. I will go window shop and to the grocery store and to the foot doctor. I plan on coming home about 5 minutes before it is time to fix dinner. And we are going swimming tonight at the YMCA. The bike will have to wait!
Now that sounds like my kind of day.
Oh, and those keys?? They were in my library bag all along. BooHoo!!!

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