Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Belle

Ohmygosh! Did you see the pictures of Jenna Bush's wedding? She had on the most beautiful dress! It was full of embroidery and lace and tucks and swirls and yet it was a slim lined beautiful creation which enhanced how lovely she is. Her sister looked equally elegant in what appeared to be grey chiffon.
I only saw a few of the pictures that were in the newspaper and a little coverage on the news but I did see former President Bush who is finally looking old and had to be escorted. I didn't even see my favorite Bush, Barbara. I am sure she had on an elegant silk shantung suit and pearls, doesn't she always?
Now Laura Bush could have used Stacy and Clinton for this event. She is an attractive woman and has kept a nice figure but that dress made her look like a paper doll-- all stiff and she looked totally uncomfortable. She seemed to think the top was going to fall down or something.
As for our fearless leader, he was his usual jovial self and did his little dance and had been joking about letting his daughter go. They did report that he cried twice at the ceremony and that got me to thinking. No matter how much I can't stand the man or his policies I bet he is a good dad.
He and Jenna picked You are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker to dance to and I'm sure that caused a few tears too.
Then there is the groom.. nice looking boy...wait, can it be? Look at the pictures again. He looks (creepily) like the young George Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO-O-O! Really, go look again. The one where they are cutting cake is the one I noticed it in first and then the one with the pastor. They say all girls marry their father but this is ridiculous!!!!

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