Friday, May 2, 2008


I almost always know what I want to write about. This is the first day that I haven't had a subject in mind from my experiences from the day before. So today I will just write some things that have occurred to me but weren't long enough to make into an essay.
Groceries are costing so much and the quality seems to be not as good. I spend more every week on food and I am disappointed in most of it. Don't you wish they would invent a new food?? Nothing gross--like Solyent Green or anything; just something for a change and to break the boredom. I am not an experimental eater so that would be a challenge. Any scientist/chefs out there willing to give it a try?
I talk a lot about The View but I'm not really a fan. They do a lot of yelling and talking over one another and I think they give women a bad name. I was out to dinner with a huge group of women and we had no yelling and no fighting at all. We even discussed politics. So what is up with these women on The View? Rosie used to get a bad rap for being off the wall and overly excitable but the rest of them are just as bad. I personally miss Rosie. She is legitimately whacko. The rest of them try to act like they're just like you and me. I don't think so!
I still don't have a candidate for the presidential election. I'm not thrilled with any of them. You know how I feel about McCain. The other two have so many problems with their campaigns and credibility right now--I don't know how the Dems will choose. Maybe all those super delegates could get together and choose a dark horse. What? It could happen. After all their votes are worth way more than mine or yours. SO they could do it, I betcha.
Global warming scares me so I am trying to little things. I try to plan my day so I don't drive more than I need to and I am really into the reusable bags from the grocery store. Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods and they gave me credit for my Giant Eagle bag. Just a nickel but I was really impressed. At Trader Joe's I am in a drawing now because I used a Target bag!! I don't know what the drawing is for but I probably wont win anyway!
Nothing else is on my mind right now. I just got my foot taped so I am good to go--so I am off and running!

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