Monday, May 5, 2008

If They Could See Me Now

Tomorrow I start Yoga. Thursday--T'ai Chi. Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday-swimming. We joined the YMCA. I am not a real physical person so this is a new chapter for
me. I really want to do it too. I think it all sounds fun. I always wanted to try yoga but when I tried the different tapes I just didn't get it. Now I will get some instruction and that will be good.
T'ai Chi is something that old people in Japan do. If they can do it at 80 I can do it too. I am sure of it. It is supposed to be good for the spirit and the body. Wouldn't Ekhart Tolle like that??
Swimming laps will be hard but I really can't be a walker. I tried but I injured my foot and now I have to have orthotics in my shoes and wear a brace an hour each day. That is so not worth it. I cant injure my foot in the water plus it will be good for the hip pain I sometime suffer. I was told a couple of years ago that swimming was a good activity for me but I was just too stubborn to go for it. So now I am.
I am feeling pretty good about myself for making these decisions. I am looking forward to being a healthier person than I am in a few weeks and I plan to keep sharing my progress on this blog. I am pretty sure things won't go as smoothly as I have planned in my head. I am a little bit of a clutz so hopefully I will have some funny stories.
Until then I am regarding myself as an athlete training for the race. The race of life.

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