Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeing Red

Holy Cow! Did you see American Idol last night?? I don't care which David wins the contest. They are both talented young men. So far as I am concerned they could share the title. That was not what shocked me.
Did you see Fantasia?????? Or was that a stand in?????? Her hair is as red as a crayon and was swirled and gelled and smushed against her head. And no offense, she is just a little bit fat.(seems to be a lot of that going on lately) When she opened her mouth to sing, it didn't even sound like the Fantasia I remember. The song was the stupidest thing I've heard since Sensual Seduction. Actually, the song she sang made Snoop Dogg's anthem sound like an Oscar winner. Poor thing(Fantasia I mean).
Then she was in an outfit that was really not flattering at all. And there seemed to be something wrong with her back as she didn't stand up straight the entire time. She was kinda bent back a little. I can't remember too well as I think I was in shock. I really liked Fantasia. I wanted her to win back in the day. I heard she was on Broadway even. Then there she was. Yikes!!
One look at her and I would think both the Davids would pray NOT to win! Wouldn't you hate to think that was your fate?
So I also flipped channels back and forth so I could see the Cavs game. Oh, I would sure like it if they could win this. How exciting that would be! That Lebron deserves to be in a championship game. I really am getting to like some of the players too. I have to admit that before this series I only knew Lebron. I am really liking Wally Z. He is really cute and would make a fine boyfriend for my daughter.(that is, if he isn't married or engaged)
Then I love the kid with all the hair. I think his name is Barajou. I'm not sure of the spelling. (I said I was a new fan) Anyway he could be the little brother of an old character on my soaps.
I even had a favorite Celtic.(I know I know) His name was Rondo. That is a nickname of someone in our family so I had no choice now, did I?????
I also watched America's Top Model on the commercials during the first half. The full figured model was the winner this time. This show has become one of my guilty pleasures. I watched it the first time with my daughter and now I sneak a peek whenever I can.
All this channel flipping was good practice as the cable provider has once again changed things up. I really hate that. It makes me see red!!

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