Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boy Oh Boy

Yesterday we took my daughter to the airport. On the way there I saw a sign for a Big Boy restaurant at W. 130th St. I couldn't believe my eyes. There hasn't been a Big Boy around our area for a really long time. I love Big Boy. It was an icon while I was a teen and a college student.
In Euclid, it was Bob's Big Boy. In Kent, it was Frisch's. I love a good Big Boy or a Brawny Lad. It is where I learned to love onion rings and french fried mushrooms. After a football game(if there wasn't a mixer) or after the movies, you went to Big Boy. In Euclid, we could pull up and use the microphone to order and there were still car hops. I remember when I worked at Giant Tiger(a discount store--probably the first--it went on to be Gaylord's) we used to get out at 9, hurry to the late show and then get big boys. My sweetie and I would take a bag back to my house to enjoy them. Could you imagine eating that kind of food at 11:30pm or even midnight now?? It would be the death of me!
We used to stop outside of Columbus at a Big Boy's when we drove Megan out to Oklahoma to go back to school. We always ended up there for lunch on the first day. We hadn't been to one since she has finished school and that is three years ago.
So we went. I did eat a Big Boy but I took out the third piece of bread! That was my bow to watching what I ate(HAHA). With coleslaw and fries! I felt like I was 18 years old again. We bought a little present for someone we know too. Hope he will be pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah, and I belonged to the clean plate club too. Somebody call Captain Penney!

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