Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twenty three Skidoo!

I can't get over the Papa John pizza thing. It was crazy but I can't tell it better than my friend Ipsilon so if you want to go to and read that It is funny! Also a pretty fair accounting of what happened.
I would like to say that I think Lebron is an amazing talent but he has nothing on my buddy, Snoop Dogg. Mr. Dogg(I will respectfully call him that) was full of charm on day two of his appearance on One Life To Live. He kissed Marcy's hand, congratulated the girl who is getting married(or thinks she is), and had a reunion with Bo Buchanon who apparently is an old cronie of his. Go figure.
As he left the night club, Mr. Dogg, got to say good by to Llanview and again I've never seen anyone so happy to be on a show. He can hardly say Llanview PA without grinning from ear to ear like a six year old! He had to turn down Foxy Roxie's invite to come over to her hair salon for an after show party too. It must have broken his heart.
Lucky me! He sang my favorite song again, Sensual Seduction(I've been told it wasn't sexual) and I got to hear some more of the lyrics which I'm afraid are not worth repeating. Although for the sake of accuracy, he sang "we smoked us a cigarette and then went to sleep." Sorry for the oversight.
Anyway, who knows who might show up in Llanview next?? What do you say, Lebron, I hear Llanview has a Mean, lean, basketball team!!

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