Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby, Look AT You Now

Well, the other day I was watching the food network and saw a show on how they make Fritoes. As I watched, I realized I hadn't had a Frito in probably 20 years. I've been talking to my sister lately about how we only eat stuff that is good for us and seldom indulge and we are still not losing weight, so I figured what the heck and I bought some.
Man, they were good. I forgot. Good and greasy and guilt-ridden. I felt so guilty after I ate them I couldn't even look at the bag--which was not empty or even half full. I only ate a few and still I felt like I probably had gained five pounds.
Then we went to Penney's to take advantage of a sale and my sister and I decided we better try on so we marched into the new and slightly improved dressing rooms. They are still bare bones but they were clean and the one we chose was roomy enough for two(we are sisters after all).
Lo and behold most things fit and I was admiring my cute self in a new top and thought how good I looked--almost too good to be true. Maybe I should get this top in every color they have. But wait, I suddenly saw my head. Was it me or did my head look a little longer than it really is? I have a pretty squarish head and the girl in the mirror had a more oval head--just a little bigger than mine. Wait a minute here maybe I am I asked my sister, "Does my head look big to you in this mirror?" Ohmygosh, she had to admit I was right. She took a look at herself again and liked what she saw too. I promptly decided I was moving into that dressing room or buying the mirror.
You'll be glad to know that cooler heads prevailed and I went home with the top and not the mirror. So be careful out there...if you think you look especially good in a dressing room then check your head in the mirror. Look a little big?? A little elongated?? Then it is just the Penney Syndrome and you are the same old you. Sorry...but enjoy it while you are there! I know I did.

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