Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Got Nothin'

Whenever I have talked too much to my daughter I always say I got nothin'. Today that might be the case too. I have had a busy day but nothing worth mentioning. I am going to the library and swimming later so not much more will happen.
I found out that my favorite BBC show, Life on Mars, is being ripped off and will be on American television next season. Wouldn't you think I'd be happy about it?? Not really. I already know what happens!
The show isn't really about life on Mars. A police officer has an accident and wakes up in 1972. It was quirky and all the characters were just regular looking people like you and I am sure that the lead actor will be hunky and the love interest will be a size 0. That is a little bit sad to me.
I also just heard that Ted Kennedy was taken to the hospital. He had a seizure or something. Poor guy. I hope he will be all right. The next generation of Kennedys, I don't know so well other than Caroline. I know the others are in politics to some degree but that is all I know. A government without a Kennedy??? I don't know--I hope Ted will be fine.
I also read that Leann Rimes lost all her baby fat on a particular belly busting diet. So of course I bought the magazine. What a waste of money!! Same old thing they always say fruits veggies lean meat and whole grains and eat six times a day. You know that is really hard to do unless you stay at home the whole darn day. You can't go out shopping or anything. On Friday, we went to Lowes and Kohls and were gone almost four hours. I probably should have eaten in there somewhere. I ate breakfast at 8 and lunch at 3. See what I mean?? And what if you have a dr. or dentist appointment?? You can't eat there either.
Now I've rambled too long but that is my life today. No stinging political commentary, no soap opera critique, just a few thoughts. And now(I tell my daughter this all the time) that is really all I got!

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Brian said...

You're right about the cast of the American Life on Mars, but Colm Meaney's in it (Chief O'Brien)! I'm watching it. Sorry. :)